Free Online Resources for Criminal Law & Procedure: North Carolina Defender Manual Part 1


Charlotte Law Library is going to do a series of blogs on the free online resources available on the website of the North Carolina Court System Office of Indigent Defense Services (NCIDS).

This blog will focus on Volume 1 of the North Carolina Defender Manual available for free online as a pdf.

“Formerly titled, North Carolina Public Defender Manual, this is a useful reference for public defenders and others who work in the criminal courts. Volume One, Pretrial, is the first of a two-volume, loose-leaf work. Chapters address discovery; pretrial release; capacity to proceed; probable cause hearings; experts and other assistance; joinder and severance; speedy trial and related issues; grand jury proceedings; jurisdiction; and more. A table of cases and references is provided in an appendix.“

Here is the Table of Contents:

North Carolina Defender Manual Volume 1, Pretrial

Note that several chapters have sections just for forms.  This manual is an invaluable resource for those who work in the criminal courts.  Just look at how this resource is packed with practical information!

Here is the Table of Contents of a typical chapter:

Chapter 13:

Motions Practice

13.1 Types and Timing of Pretrial Motions 2

A. Timing

B. Motions and Requests after Appointment of Counsel

C. Motions before Arraignment

D. Motions before Trial

E. Motions not Subject to Time Limits

F. Motions in Limine

13.2 Procedural Requirements in Superior Court 8

A. Writing Requirement

B. Filing and Service

C. Ex Parte Motions

D. Required Contents of Motions

E. Right to Evidentiary Hearing

F. Conduct of Evidentiary Hearing

G. Disposition of Motions

H. Renewing Pretrial Motions

13.3 Motions Practice in District Court 16

A. Misdemeanors

B. Motions in Felony Cases

13.4 Miscellaneous Motions 19

A. Motion for Continuance

B. Motion to Dismiss on Double Jeopardy Grounds

C. Motion to Recuse Trial Judge

D. Motion to Dismiss for Vindictive or Selective Prosecution

Look for this symbol for future blogs on free online resources for criminal law and procedure:


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~Mary Susan Lucas~

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