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Welcome to the Charlotte Law Library News blog!

This blog, written by the library team at CharlotteLaw, contains information on library policies, new legal research developments, highlights from our catalog and technical services department, the legal comic strip Murphy’s Law, and much much more.

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3 responses to “About Charlotte Law Library News

  1. Thanks very much for including a mention of my book, “Advocacy to Zealousness” on your blog. Although “My Cousin Vinny” was not actually included, I am honored that you’ve added this title to your library’s collection.



    • Ms. Anders:

      Please accept my apology,the review of your book in the National Law Journal said ” Don’t expect to find mention of modern favorites like Legally Blonde or My Cousin Vinny” and so I mistakenly listed those movies as those that would have been covered in your book: Advocacy to Zealousness.
      Our library will be ordering your book soon and I hope we can use your book as a teaching tool.
      Best Regards,
      Jane Fraytet
      Part-Time Reference Librarian
      Charlotte School of Law

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